My photography is designed to promote the landscape and the magnificent environment in which we live. Most of my photographs have been made amongst the volcanoes of The Tongariro National Park, situated at the southern end of Lake Taupo. Lake Taupo itself fills an enormous caldera of a super-volcano. It is an amazing and awe-inspiring area of New Zealand.
Although a self-taught amateur I have been fortunate to have had five exhibitions of my photographs. At one of my exhibitions a deaf poet wrote to me:-
'Black and white is so miraculous in its evocative understatement and power'
which sums up beautifully what I feel about monochrome photography, it has a purity, strength and timelessness that suits this landscape.

All the photographs have been made by me on film, using a large format Taschihara 4x5 camera made of 400 year-old cherry wood, or medium format Hasselbald or Mamiya 7. The only exceptions are the Milky Way photograph which had to be made digitally, and the South Island photographs I have made on the Great Walks were made on 35mm film using my old Leica M2.
I scan my negatives and I print them using an Epson 3800 printer that uses quad-toned pigment inks, onto archival paper, either Epson Exhibition fibre-based paper or Ilford Gallerie Prestige Gold Fibre Silk baryta coated paper. When framed these prints should last 100-200 years.
If you wish to purchase a photograph, please contact me at

All photographs are A3+ or A2 size, all are from numbered and signed editions and are shipped in a wide cardboard tube.
Prices are A3+ NZ$140 + P&P , and for A2 NZ$175 + P&P
P&P approximately NZ$14 for North Island and Australia, NZ$18 for South Island, and NZ$20 for the Rest of the World.